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W O M E N ' S
Not to confused with the iconic movie star. Dahling is an intricately designed combination frame, blending both acetate and alloy into a highly pleasing mantel for your corrective lenses, or simply as a fashion statement. Either way, unlike its name association you’ll never bed a monarch or punch a Spanish cop, though adventure still awaits.

L E N S  T Y P E S :
Single Vision lenses are prescribed to correct one field of vision, i.e. “near-sighted” or “far-sighted”. A single vision lens has the same degree of correction throughout the lens.
ScreenEase™ are our proprietary brand of comfort vision glasses. These are made for non-glasses wearers or contact lens wearers who want to mitigate the effects of high screen time.
Progressive lenses include additional correction toward the bottom of the lens for near-distance use.

O P T I O N S :
Patients with high prescriptions (greater than +/- 4.00) should consider a “Hi-Index” lens. This is a premium material that allows greater correction without the thicker lens – or the “Coke bottle” effect. Blue Light Blocking greatly reduces Digital Eye Strain from computers and other devices by limiting certain wavelengths of light. It has been shown that this protection reduces headaches and fatigue, and reduces sleep interference from high screen time.


Eyeways Rx glasses always include: 

  • Anti-reflective coating | $65 value
  • Scratch-resistant | $45 value
  • 100% UV Protection
  • 1 year warranty
  • Hard case and cleaning cloth
  • Total value over $100 included
  • All prescription lenses manufactured in the U.S.