Why Eyeways?

Several years ago, I began to notice a significant increase in patients returning to my office complaining that they could not see well in their newly purchased online eyeglasses, despite having a new, up to date prescription.  Not only was there vision affected, but they also complained of poor quality of the frames with breakage, color dyes bleeding onto their skin, inability to properly adjust the frames for a good fit, and just overall unhappiness with their online purchase. 
Further investigation revealed incorrect prescriptions, inaccurate pupillary distance and off axis astigmatism. When prescriptions are improperly filled, the result can be eye fatigue, strain and occasional headaches. This is very frustrating to the patient resulting in additional visits to the eye doctor and consuming precious time and energy. Putting all these things together, I realized that these eyeglasses were just not right and something must be done. 

Why poor quality online glasses?  


My investigation revealed that many prescriptions were filled outside of the US, mostly in China. These labs are not regulated like they are in the US.  Consequently, quality control of both frame and lenses appeared to be the problem.
Having over 30 years in the eye-care industry, I realized that there must be a better way. This could be done and should be done. So I thought, why not produce a high quality frame with accurate prescriptions at an affordable price? 
Hence, Eyeways. This is what we do now at now at Eyeways!
Welcome to the Eyeways Family.