Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my prescription?

  • You can fax a valid prescription to 818.301.1951
  • You can email your scanned prescription to
  • You can fill out THIS FORM and send it to us (email or fax) and we’ll request the prescription from your Doctor!
  • Still need help? Need an eye exam? Call us at 844-EYEWAYS and we’ll help you find an eye care center near you.


Where are your eyeglasses made?

USA, USA, USA! Our prescription lenses are made in our optical lab in the USA. We maintain our own state-of-the-art laboratory, and our manufacturing abilities allow EYEWAYS™️ to produce our quality eyeglasses to the exacting standards and quality that you would expect from a traditional optical shop or your local eye Doctor.

We are not simply an on-line optical store, many of which finish their lenses in China. Our company was founded by an ophthalmologist, and is operated and supervised by an ophthalmologist. Only in this way, can EYEWAYS™️ maintain production of the highest quality eyewear at an affordable price.

What if I get my glasses and don’t like them?

Our goal is one hundred percent patient satisfaction, so we offer a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. (Refunds will only be to the original form of payment). In addition, if you don’t love your new eyeglasses, Eyeways will happily offer a different color or style for you to try.

What if my glasses scratch?

No worries. EYEWAYS offers a one-year no-scratch and anti-reflective guarantee for our eyeglasses. Simply contact us at 844-EYEWAYS (Monday-Friday, 9 AM -5 PM PST) and we can help. Just pay shipping.

Should I have a back-up pair of eyeglasses?

Yes. Eyeways always recommends purchasing a backup pair. As we all know, accidents can happen! Glasses can be lost, or ‘disappear’, especially high quality EYEWAYS eyeglasses. So in the event of loss or damage, you’ll be glad you had a spare!

What methods of payments do you accept?

Eyeways accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay and PayPal.

What if my new Eyeways eyeglasses need an adjustment?

Every pair of Eyeways eyeglasses come pre-adjusted and “trued”, which simply means that they are ‘even’ and ‘straight’ when they are inspected by our licensed opticians prior to shipping. Most frames require no further adjustment.

If you still require an adjustment, some people return to the location where they obtained their eye exam and prescription, where they usually adjust the frame for ‘free’ as a courtesy to their established patients.

Almost any optical store, optician, or eye doctor will happily adjust your eyeglasses should you desire a fit adjustment. Usually this is done at no charge, but every dispensary is different.

Do your Eyeways eyeglasses protect the eyes?

They do! Most of us spend several hours in front of a computer on a daily basis. With our proprietary SCREENEASE™️ technology, the harmful UV rays are prevented from entering your eyes. This possibly means less eye fatigue, decreased developement of macular degeneration, cataracts and less interference with your internal clock, allowing you to fall asleep faster. Be sure to request SCREENEASE™️ upon ordering your eyeways glasses.

Do you take insurance?

We are happy to provide you with a universally-accepted insurance form detailing your purchase, suitable for all vision insurance companies. If applicable, simply submit the form to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. In this way, you may be able to take advantage of any allowed “out-of-network” reimbursement. Working this way, we are able to keep our fees at the lowest possible price for fashionable, quality eyewear and lenses.

When will my order be ready?

Firstly, orders cannot be filled until we have the proper information from you and your doctor. We need a valid prescription (for glasses, not contact lenses) and pupillary distance (PD) from your eyecare provider. Once this is received, we can begin to process your order.

Not all glasses are the same. Processing time depends on many things: type of lenses, add-ons, specific frame(s) ordered. Subsequently, not all are made in the same time ‘frame’ (get it?). In general, processing takes anywhere from 5 to 10 days. But we always do our best to process your order as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, shipping is always FREE!

What if I want my order sooner? Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes, we do! For an extra $14, we can expedite your order and sometimes have them delivered within two days from time the frames are made.

Can I change my order?

The most efficient way to change or cancel your order is to call us directly, at 844-EYEWAYS, 9am-5 pm Monday thru Friday. (Unfortunately, we cannot cancel or change non-prescription sunglasses, or readers).

What happens if I want to order multiple eyeglasses but with different prescriptions?

Yes, you can do that. But why would I? You might want to do that if, for example, you want one pair of distance prescription eyeglasses, and one pair for reading or computer. Simply make a separate order for each prescription. But you shouldn't worry about the cost of an additional order, because shipping is always FREE!!!

What if my new eyeglasses just aren’t working right?

Anytime you purchase something new, and more importantly, when you have a ‘new’ prescription that is different from your previous prescription, you may need to adapt to the ‘new’ prescription. We always recommend you try and wear the ‘new’ eyeglasses for one to two weeks. If after two weeks, you still don’t adjust to them, give us a call. We will try and help.

What if my prescription changes?

If your lenses are scratched within one year, we will replace the lenses for FREE!

If your prescription changes, we can replace your lenses in your EYEWAYS frame for a fee, which is based on the lenses you choose. Contact us if you wish to do this, and we will give you all the details.

What are my frame measurements? And why are they important?

The frame measurements art the three numbers are listed on the temple (side piece that goes over your ear). These refer to the lengths of each part respectively in millimeters: The first number is the lens width. The second is the bridge width (the width of the part that goes over your nose), and the third is the temple arm length.
You might consider comparing these number on our EYEWAYS frame to the frames you are presently wearing. If the numbers are similar, you should have a similar fit.

If you have questions regarding the frame measurements and your fit, simply call us at 844-EYEWAYS


I want to send you my prescription. How do I do that?

You have three simple ways, the choice is yours:

How do I submit my prescription?

  • You can fax a valid prescription to 818.301.1951
  • You can scan or photograph your prescription and email it to us at
  • You can fill out THIS FORM and send it to us (email or fax) and we’ll request the prescription from your Doctor!

Still need help? Need an eye exam? Call us at 844-EYEWAYS and we’ll help you find an eye care center near you.

How do I get my PD (pupillary distance) for my glasses?

  1. Your PD might already be on your prescription.
  2. Simply CALL US at 844-EYEWAYS, and we will help.

Can you fill prescriptions with prism lenses?

Yes, up to 6 diopters for simple single vision lenses, and up to 5 diopter for any progressive or combined type lenses. There is an additional fee for prism lenses. If you wish to order prism lenses, please call us at 844-EYEWAYS.

What if you cannot fill my prescription, but I really, really want your EYEWAYS frames?

You can order any frame with demonstration lenses, that you can then bring to your favorite optician and have them fill the prescription order. If you do this, we will give you a 20% discount.

Does EYEWAYS offer blue light protection lenses?
Yes, we offer blue light filtering lenses for an additional fee. Simply add SCREENEASE protection to your eyeglass order. You will be happy you did (and you will sleep easier!)

What should I do if I spend sometime indoors, and sometimes outdoors, and dont want to buy two pairs of glasses?

Good questions, and we have better answers:

  1. You can purchase ‘light adaptive’ lenses (aka light- responsive) which get darker when exposed to direct sunlight. (please note that they dont always get very dark when behind glass, such as inside your car, behind the windshield)
  2. EYEWAYS CLIP-ON sunglasses (put link here). When you purchase EYEWAYS CLIP-ONS, you simply clip-on (duh) the clip-on (duh duh) to your frame. Now you have a great pair of ‘two in one’ glasses. TaDah!
  3. It is best to have two pair of glasses. One for indoors, and the other for outdoors. Your outside glasses should include polarization, which decreases the glare, and fatigue, if spending significant time outdoors.

Can I purchase EYEWAYS eyeglasses with my Flexible Savings Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Using these plans are a great way to purchase your glasses. Both plans allow you to set aside some ‘pre-tax’ money for some health care expenses, including prescription eyewear. You may need to check with your employer or insurance plans to see if these plans are offered to you. If they are, simply use your FSA or HSA bank affiliated credit card when you make your purchase.

What if I don’t have a FSA or HSA? Can I get help from my insurance company?

If you have an ‘out-of-network’ benefit in your vision plan, you maybe able to apply for some reimbursement. Please check with your plan to find out if you are eligible.

We are happy to provide you with a ‘universally accepted’ insurance form detailing your purchase, suitable for most vision insurance companies. If applicable, simply submit the form to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.